Contract Manufacturing

Based in Santa Ana California, our facility employs modern SMT and Through Hole assembly equipment to perform low to mid volume requirements at a fast pace. In addition to our PCB assembly expertise, we have grown our wire & cable and electromechanical assembly line.



  • Mixed technology circuit board assembly: Fine pitch, 0603 capability, through hole
  • Maximum SMT board size 406mm x 330mm (15.98″ x 12.99″)
  • Maximum through hole board width 400mm (15.75″)
  • Lead free soldering, SN100 through hole. SAC305 SMT
  • Top Side SMT Reflow only
  • Cable assembly: Power/battery cable zip cord, jumpers and complex harness assemblies
  • Electro-mechanical assembly and box builds


Main machine List:

  • Zevatech 570L SMT pick and place machines
  • BTU VIP 70 re-flow oven
  • Eco-Wave wave solder machine with SN100 lead free solder pot
  • Unit Design ABC 2500 DI washer
  • Schleuniger cut and strip machines
  • Molex crimp presses
  • K&M crimp press
  • Weller SMT rework stations


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